Second Story Framing

The framers finished the second story this evening. So far everything looks awesome. I was pleasantly surprised with the sizes of the bedrooms. They are significantly larger than I am use to.

The trusses should be delivered and installed tomorrow. Russ, my framer, said he will be finished with everything by Tuesday evening; in time for the plumber and electrician on Wednesday.

I want to stress how important it is to clean the job site every night. Hannah and I have swept and vacuumed the entire house every night and the framers have been so happy. I believe that if you do this you will have a better product when it is finished. it makes it easier for the trades to do their job, and harder for them to hide imperfections.IMG_2690 IMG_2691IMG_2687IMG_2688 IMG_2689IMG_2683 IMG_2685 IMG_2686


We recently had some Vandalism (tagged garage floor, and cut floor joists). We are almost certain we know who is responsible, but we just can’t prove it. As a deterrent I installed a couple security cameras. I mounted them to my temporary power pole, along with a cheaply built waterproof box for the recorder.

I am using 2 Hikvision 1080P cameras to continuously record the job site. I am using an INTEL NUC with Windows 7 and Blu Iris as the recorder. Both items preform beautifully. I have Blu Iris configured to upload clips of motion to an FTP server off site between certain hours. I have done this, that way if someone steals the computer, I’ll have them on tape doing it.


First Floor Framing

The framers showed up on Monday Morning and got right to work. Russ and his crew are really nice guys, and appear to do good work. They had the floor joists, subfloor and exterior walls all finished Monday evening.

IMG_2663 IMG_2666 IMG_2667 IMG_2668

First Post / Our Project

This is going to be our first post, and we are already part way through our project, so I will do my best to catch you up to speed. We decided to build Adair’s 2432 model with minimal changes for the most part. We have added an extended third car garage, a pantry in the kitchen, an extended kitchen island and a custom master vanity. I have been working with Brandon Johnson, and Jeff Wise out of the Spokane branch. Unfortunately, Brandon no longer works for Adair, so Lynette Nelson, the regional sales manager has taken over the majority of my project. Both Lynette and Jeff have been awesome. They both are easy to work with, and don’t mind taking the extra time to answer all of our questions.

I signed our contract on January 31st 2015. We closed on our lot on April 30th, and applied for building permits shortly thereafter. Permits were approved by the city of Pullman on June 15th, and we have been full speed ahead ever since.

I finished my Owner To Do’s within about 4 days of having permits. Omega Electric installed my temporary power, and Johns Excavation out of Julientia ID has been doing my excavation work. Both companies have been awesome to work with.

In the last 2 weeks our foundation and garage floor was poured and backfilled.

Bruce, my construction super, says lumber will be delivered on Thursday, and then framing will begin. Assuming everything goes as planned our estimated move in date is sometime towards the end of September.

Front Elevation Lower Floor Plan Upper Floor Plan